Advanced Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of Transport Phenomena

Project Leader:

Dr. Raymond Spiteri
University of Saskatchewan

Short Project Description:

The Advanced Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Transport Phenomena (AMMSTP) Group is a group of faculty, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, and support staff from the University of Saskatchewan, the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, the University of Alberta, St. Mary's University, and Concordia University College of Alberta. The group has several industrial partners, but its focus is on the development of computational simulation tools for fuel cell design (with Four Stones, Inc., the Automotive Fuel Cell Corporation, and Ballard Power Systems), heart simulation (with Simula Research Lab), rational catalyst design for carbon sequestration (with IBM), and simulation of hydrological flows (with Environment Canada). The work of this group is fostered by the Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems National Centre of Excellence (MITACS NCE).

Our Skills

The expertise of our group is in the application of mathematical modeling and scientific computing methods for the simulation of physical systems. Our current work centers around mathematical problems coming from transport phenomena and associated applications. Mathematical modeling is needed to translate the important elements of such complicated physical problems into forms that are amenable to analysis and numerical methods.

The Challenge

We will extend our computational and analytical modeling techniques to important real-world problems; our industrial partners will gain insight available only through the power of modern applied mathematical analysis and scientific computation.