Research Interests

As a faculty member of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan, I continue to do research on a wide variety of topics that centre mainly around numerical analysis and scientific computation. My areas of particular interest and expertise include numerical solution of initial- and boundary-value ordinary differential equations (ODEs), differential-algebraic equations (DAEs), and differential-algebraic inequalities (DAIs). The collaborations in which I have participated have also given me more than a passing familiarity with high-performance computing, computational fluid dynamics, multi-phase flows, numerical optimization and optimal control, numerical linear algebra, and mathematical biology. My research group also specializes in the development of numerical software, and in particular, problem solving environments for scientific computing.

My current projects include the analysis, development, and assessment of novel Runge-Kutta methods and software for time-dependent partial differential equations (PDEs), simulation of electrical activity in heart tissue, simulation and (optimal) control of multi-body and nonholonomic systems, applications of DAIs, and computations for information retrieval, numerical weather prediction, carbon sequestration, fuel cell simulation, geophysical modelling, and hyperbolic conservation laws.

Please visit my publications page for more details on my work, past and present. Researchers from any discipline wishing to collaborate on the numerical aspects of their work are invited to contact me directly at spiteri at cs dot usask dot ca.

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