This website contains supplementary materials for the paper  Enhancement of Textural Differences based on Morphological Component Analysis by Jianning Chi and Mark Eramian.

Paper Abstract

This paper proposes a new texture enhancement method which uses an image decomposition that allows different visual characteristics of textures to be represented by separate components in contrast with previous methods which either enhance texture indirectly or represent all texture information using a single image component.  Our method is intended to be used as a preprocessing step prior to the use of texture-based image segmentation algorithms.   Our method uses a modification of Morphological Component Analysis (MCA) which allows texture to be separated into multiple morphological components each representing a different visual characteristic of texture.  We select four such texture characteristics and propose new dictionaries to extract these components using MCA.  We then propose procedures for modifying each texture component and recombining them to produce a texture-enhanced image.  We applied our method as a preprocessing step prior to a number of texture-based segmentation methods and compared the accuracy of the results, finding that our method produced results superior to comparator methods for all segmentation algorithms tested.  We also demonstrate by example the main mechanism by which our method produces superior results, namely that it causes the clusters of local texture features of each distinct image texture to mutually diverge within the multidimensional feature space to a vastly superior degree versus the comparator enhancement methods.

AUTHOR Contact: jic697@mail.usask.ca  OR  ERAMIAN@CS.usask.ca