Gestational Diabetes Dataset

Demographics: anticipated 25 participants, study still ongoing. Participants are pregnant and diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Size: collection ongoing

Duration: 6-10 months, depending on when during pregnancy diagnosis occurred. Diagnosis to 3 months postpartum.

Purpose: Trace activity, location, social context, diet and glucose levels of GDM patients to determine social, environmental and lifestyle events to adverse glucose levels. Determine the feasibility of managing GDM using smartphones.

Data Collected 

  • Base Duty Cycle: 5 minutes
    • Accelerometer: 30 seconds
    • Bluetooth: 30 seconds
    • WiFi: 30 seconds 
    • Battery: 5 records
    • GPS: 2.5 minutes every 3rd duty cycle
  • On-phone activity surveys: approximately 6 per day
  • Photo Food Diary
  • Demographic survey
  • Manual entry of insulin dose and blood glucose level

Outcomes: Data collection ongoing.

Papers Employing GDD Data:

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