Videos of Talks

This page gives links to videos of talks delivered by Nathaniel Osgood of the University of Saskatchewan. I hope that you find these materials useful in advancing your understanding.

Videos from my modeling classes at MIT and the University of Saskatchewan may be found here.

A set of additional class videos can be found on my classes/tutorials page.

Reuse of Material

I have placed this information online in hopes that it will be of useful to a broader set of people. Users are welcome to distribute links to this page without restriction. I grant rights of non-commercial reuse (including reposting) of the material I have created for educational purposes, as long as it doesn't conflict with the rights of any other individuals.

If you are seeking to reuse this material, just drop me a brief email notification (osgood 'at' to let me know of your planned use, and I request the courtesy of a citation with the repost indicating the original source of materials. I am especially interested in staying in touch with other educators who adopt components of the class material above for use in their own courses. Among other benefits, sending along your address will allow me to notify you of significant updates, of supplemental artifacts (e.g. models) that may be of interest, and could allow for exchange of ideas and suggestions on improving the material.