Ian Stavness

Gait & Balance Simulation in OpenSim

The Biomedical Imaging & Graphics lab at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, led by Ian Stavness, is now accepting applications for a fully funded PhD student in Computer Science / Biomedical Engineering / Kinesiology. The PhD student will contribute to OpenSim (http://opensim.stanford.edu) an open source toolkit used by researchers around the world to create 3D musculoskeletal models and dynamic simulations of movement.

We are searching for a bright and enthusiastic individual to study musculoskeletal dynamics for gait retraining in balance therapy, and to create new simulation and analysis tools that can be used by the OpenSim community. The ideal candidate will have strong computer programming skills and a keen interest in biomechanics and biomedical research. Prior experience with OpenSim and a background in experimental biomechanics, software engineering, robotics, and/or controls is also desirable.

Interested applicants should:
(1) Send a letter indicating their interest and experience, a CV, and transcripts to ian.stavness@usask.ca (please use subject line "OpenSim Balance position");
(2) Complete the short online form here; and
(3) Have two letters of reference sent to ian.stavness@usask.ca within two weeks of submitting (1) and (2).