Ian Stavness

3D Displays

We are developing new types of 3D displays that enclose a virtual scene within a geometric shape, such as a cube or sphere. This new class of display technology is well suited for applications in telepresence, 3D visualization, computer-aided design and entertainment.

pCubee is an personal cubic display that is light and compact enough to be held in one hand. It uses perspective-corrected rendering and real-time physics simulation to show 3D virtual scenes in a box.

CoGlobe uses the same 3D techniques, but in the shape of a spherical display.

Our research won an Honourable Mention at ACM CHI 2019 and the Polyphony Digital Award at ACM VRST 2018. We have demonstrated our 3D displays at SIGGRAPH E-Tech and ACM CHI Interactivity.


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