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R E S O U R C E S (Webinars, Conference Talks, Articles, ...)

Empirical Standards for Software Engineering Research (V 0.2.0) (Document, GitHub)

Software Architecture: A Mature Discipline? (by Philippe Krutchen (June 2020), Organized by SEI at CMU) (Video, Slides)

What Makes a Good Software Architect? (2019 Edition, Organized by Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University) (Video, Slides)

Dealing with Academic Criticism - by Amy J. Ko (Article)

How to Read a Paper - by S. Keshav (Article)

Publish or Perish: Questioning the Impact of Our Research on the Software Developer - by Margaret-Anne Storey (Slides)

Writing Reviews
(1) AMA by Peter Rigby and Mike Godfrey, ICSME 2020 (Slides)
(2) BoF Reviewing SE Research Papers by Nachiappan Nagappan (Microsoft Research), ICSE 2020 (Video)