DISCUS Paper Reading Group - 2003-2004 Term 1 (Fall 2003)

The meeting is held on 2:00PM-3:00PM every Wednesday in the Smartboard room (Spinks 386) of Thorvaldson Building, University of Saskatchewan.

The following list of papers are organized by categaries


Managability, Reliability and Recoverability

Network Protocol Stack

Peer-to-Peer Systems


Storage and File Systems

Wireless Networks






Sept. 24 Wenguang Wang A Logic File System Summary and Discussion Record
Oct. 1   Demostration of network analyzer  
Oct. 8 Fujian Liu Persistent Dropping: An Efficient Control of Traffic Aggregates Summary and Discussion Record
Oct. 15 Qing Zhu End-to-end available bandwidth: measurement methodology, dynamics, and relation with TCP throughput Summary and Discussion Record
Oct. 22 Dong Zhang ATP: a reliable transport protocol for ad-hoc networks Summary and Discussion Record
Oct. 29 Jason Coutu DiST: a simple, reliable and scalable method to significantly reduce processor architecture simulation time Summary
Nov. 5 Justice Daka Analysis of a Campus-wide Wireless Network  Discussion Record
Nov. 12 Fengdi Yang The Google File System Discussion Record
Nov. 19 Nakul Aloni Integration of 802.11 and Third-Generation Wireless Data Networks Discussion Summary and Discussion Record
Nov. 26 David Schwab Characterizing User Behavior and Network Performance in a Public Wireless LAN  
Dec. 3 Yanping Zhao An Evaluation of Scalable Application-level Multicast Built Using Peer-to-peer Overlays Discussion Summary and Discussion Record
Dec. 10 Qing Wang Internet Intrusions: Global Characteristics and Prevalence  

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