DISCUS Paper Reading Group - 2003-2004 Term 2 (Spring 2004)

The meeting is held on 10:30AM-11:30PM every Monday in the Smartboard room (Spinks 386) of Thorvaldson Building, University of Saskatchewan.

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Discussion Summary Disclaimer

The following list of papers are organized by categaries

Content Delivery

Managability, Reliability and Recoverability

Mobile and Ad-hoc Networks

Network Protocol Stack

Storage and File Systems

Wireless Networks






Jan. 19 Niklas Carlsson Measurement, Modeling, and Analysis of a Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing Workload, SOSP 2003  
Jan. 26 Jie Feng Distributed Admission Control to Support Guaranteed Services in Core-Stateless Networks, INFOCOM 2003  
Feb. 2 Canceled due to the water brake of the server room
Feb. 9 (Thorvaldson Spinks 342) David Schwab Analysis of wireless information locality and association patterns in a campus, INFOCOM 2004  
Feb. 16 February Break    
Feb. 23 Yanping Zhao Scalable On-Demand Streaming of Non-Linear Media, INFOCOM 2004  
Mar. 1 (Thorvaldson Spinks 342) Justice Daka A Comparison of Mechanisms for Improving Mobile IP Handoff Latency for End-to-End TCP, MOBICOM 2003  
Mar. 8 Jason Coutu Self-tuning wireless network power management, MOBICOM 2003  
Mar. 15 Fujian Liu System support for Online Reconfiguration, USENIX 2003  
Mar. 22 Nakul Aloni TCP behavior across multihop wireless networks and the wired Internet, WoWMoM 2002  
Mar. 29 Wenguanng Wang HyLog: A High Performance Approach to Managing Disk Layout, USENIX FAST'04  
Apr. 5 Qing Zhu Receiver-driven Bandwidth Sharing for TCP, INFOCOM 2003  
Apr. 12 Easter Holiday    
Apr. 19 Dong zhang Replica Allocation Methods in Ad Hoc Networks with Data Update, ACM Jounal of Mobile Networks and Applications, Volume 8, Issue 4, August 2003.  
Apr. 26 Fengdi Yang Decentralized User Authentication in a Global File System, SOSP 2003  

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