Warning: Potentially Controversial Religious Topics Ahead

We live in a world where people embrace diverse religious forms. I have enormous respect for the many positive components of such diverse religious forms, and broadly see much good coming from religious aspirations worldwide.

However, I do follow with great dedication a particular mode of religious practice, and place enormous emphasis on religious aspirations in a particular tradition.

On a number of occasions, people who have adopted belief systems uncomfortable in dealing with religious diversity have found themselves displeased by learning of my religious beliefs and aspirations, and sought to use the discussion as the basis for proslytizing, and attempts to expose me instead to alternative (and typically monotheistic) belief systems.

While I hold no animus against those with other systems of belief and practice, I am not interested in engaging in discussion of the relative virtues of different systems with those for whom the presence of those with different beliefs is a source of discomfort or agitation.

Out of respect for both of us, please only click to learn more about my mode of religious practice if you ad comfortable with the potential of coexisting in the presence of disagreement on issues. If -- despite this disclaimer -- you find yourself motivated to try to persuade me to change my perspective, please do not expect me to respond in a supportive fashion.