Mentor & Educate

Make an impact by engaging directly with students to provide mentorship and career guidance. Share your experiences by speaking in classrooms, student conferences, or seminars. Other opportunities include leading specialized workshops, participating in programming contests, or providing mentorship in an entrepreneurial manner. Contact our Outreach Coordinator for more information. 

Share Your Story

Inspire students by sharing your education, career and life experiences. Alumni stories may be featured on the Departmental website and other communication materials. 


There are multiple ways to recruit students and new grads, including the Computer Science Professional Internship Program (CSPIP), summer jobs, research collaborations, and more. Meet students directly at the Computer Science Career Fair and apply for government funding to help support recruitment efforts.

Give to Fund for Excellence

The Computer Science Fund for Excellence was established in 1988 to pursue new initiatives that enhance the excellence of the Department's programs of study in a manner that complements, rather than replaces traditional sources of University funding. The Fund for Excellence was established as an advancement fund to be supported by the Department’s alumni.

Create a Scholarship

If you prefer, we invite you to start your own scholarship or award. Perhaps it can express your passion for academic enlightenment, your values in the community or your area of focus within the industry. Or maybe it will be a tribute to a beloved family member or colleague. Whatever the intent, it will be a welcome testament that our technology community is supportive of higher education and the pursuit of knowledge. Contact us to start a conversation on how you could get involved in sponsoring our students.