Full Papers

  • On the Complexity of the Evaluation of Transient Extensions of Boolean Functions
    by Janusz Brzozowski, Baiyu Li, Yuli Ye
  • Ciliate Gene Unscrambling with Fewer Template
    by Lila Kari, Afroza Rahman
  • The Maximal Subword Complexity of Quasiperiodic Infinite Words
    by Ronny Polley, Ludwig Staiger
  • Transformations Between Different Types of Unranked Bottom-Up Tree Automata
    by Xiaoxue Piao, Kai Salomaa
  • On the Descriptional Complexity of Limited Propagating Lindenmayer Systems
    by Bianca Truthe
  • Transition Complexity of Incomplete DFAs
    by Yuan Gao, Kai Salomaa, Sheng Yu
  • Finite State Complexity and the Size of Transducers
    by Cristian Calude, Kai Salomaa, Tania Roblot
  • State Complexity of Catenation Combined with Star and Reversal
    by Bo Cui, Yuan Gao, Lila Kari, Sheng Yu
  • Operational State Complexity of Deterministic Unranked Tree Automata
    by Xiaoxue Piao, Kai Salomaa
  • Accepting Hybrid Networks of Evolutionary Processors with Special Topologies and Small Communication
    by Jürgen Dassow, Florin Manea
  • State complexity of testing divisibility
    by Emilie Charlier, Narad Rampersad, Michel Rigo, Laurent Waxweiler
  • The Magic Number Problem for Subregular Language Families
    by Markus Holzer, Sebastian Jakobi, Martin Kutrib
  • Representing small ordinals by finite automata
    by Zoltan Ésik
  • Descriptional Complexity of the Languages KaL: Automata, Monoids and Varieties
    by Ondřej Klíma, Libor Polák
  • Graph-Controlled Insertion-Deletion Systems
    by Rudolf Freund, Marian Kogler, Yurii Rogozhin, Sergey Verlan
  • State Elimination Ordering Strategies: Some Experimental Results
    by Nelma Moreira, Davide Nabais, Rogerio Reis

Short Papers

  • Learning Residual Finite-State Automata Using Observation Tables
    by Anna Kasprzik
  • Nondeterministic State Complexity for Suffix-Free Regular Languages
    by Yo-Sub Han and Kai Salomaa
  • Complexity in Prefix-Free Regular Languages
    by Galina Jirásková, Monika Krausová