DISCUS Paper Reading Group - 2005-2006 Term 1 (Fall 2005)

The meeting is held on 2:30PM-3:30PM every Wednesday in the Seminar room on the 2nd floor of the Thorvaldson Building (thorv 154), University of Saskatchewan.

The following list of papers are organized by categaries


Managability, Reliability and Recoverability

Network Protocol Stack

Peer-to-Peer Systems


Storage and File Systems

Wireless Networks






Oct. 3 @ 1:30 Special time Dr. Makaroff Classifying E-commerce Workloads under Dynamic Caching
Oct. 12 Planning meeting due to lack of response Names will be sloted into this chart at this meeting. AKA if you don't want to present on Oct. 19, BE THERE
Oct. 19 Jie AIDA: Adapative Application Indiendent Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Oct. 26 Jason Coutu Research Taxonomies paper will be available later
Nov. 2 Dong Architecture and Algorithms for an IEEE 802.11-Based Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Network
Nov. 9 Justice Weather Forcasting- Predicting Performance for Streaming Video over Wireless LANs
Nov. 16 Alice Wide Area Measurments of Voice Over IP Quality
Nov. 23 Niklus
Nov. 30 Prof. Eager
Dec. 7 Qing Zhu

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