Scientists in the Life Sciences right now are generating huge amounts of data to ask questions about how cells work, how genes work, how environmental factors affect living things.  The list goes on from there: DNA sequencing, drug design, curing cancer, or breeding a crop for improved drought resistance.  All kinds of questions in the Life Sciences are being asked by collecting data, and answered by analyzing data.

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary degree program combining courses in Biology, Biochemistry, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science for analyzing and understanding the biochemical processes of life. If your passion is biological processes such as understanding genetics, DNA and biomedical information, this program would suit you well.

Academic Advice

  • Some students may benefit by taking CMPT 140 before CMPT 141
  • Starting with CMPT 140 will require careful scheduling of your degree program, but it is not a bad idea for students who may not be confident about starting with CMPT 141.  By taking CMPT 140, you can gain that confidence, and obtain exactly the right set of skills.
  • Check out our Bioinformatics undergrad programs
  • Consult with an advisor!