Undergraduate Programs

Computer Science

A traditional degree program providing the foundations for careers in software development, information technology, as well as graduate studies and research. If you enjoy problem solving and creative use of analytical skills to create practical and innovative software, this program may be for you.

Applied Computing

An interdisciplinary program that provides students knowledge in both computing and domains of application. Students can choose from five interdisciplinary concentrations to gain domain knowledge in one of the following areas: Bioinformatics, Business, Data Analytics, Geomatics, and Interactive Systems Design. In each concentration, students will obtain a solid foundation in computer science fundamentals including algorithms, coding, and software design. 

As of the 2022-2023 academic year, the B.Sc. in Bioinformatics and Interactive Systems Design (ISD) degree programs listed below will be reclassified under the Applied Computing program. Students wishing to start a degree in Bioinformatics and ISD will take these concentrations under the Applied Computing degree. Please see the Applied Computing page for more information about these programs. For students who started their degrees prior to the 2022-2023 academic year, the existing programs below can still be taken, but so can the newer programs if all course requirements are satisfied.


An interdisciplinary degree program combining courses in Biology, Biochemistry, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science for analyzing and understanding the biochemical processes of life. If your passion is biological processes such as understanding genetics, DNA and biomedical information, this program would suit you well.

Interactive Systems Design

A modern interdisciplinary degree program combining courses in Art and Art History, Psychology and Computer Science to provide knowledge and skills in the principles of visual communication, human perception, memory and cognition, and the design and evaluation of interactive systems. If you think you would enjoy designing the way software systems interact with people, based on training in graphical design and human psychology, this program might be for you.

Certificate in Computing

The Certificate in Computing provides students with an opportunity to develop their computing literacy to equip them with the fundamentals of programming and software development, which can be applied to other areas of study or work. This program is not intended to prepare students for careers in software development, but to give professionals (and future professionals) in many fields the skills to apply computing to their activities, increasing their productivity.

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