Research Overview

Many computer science departments were founded to meet the immediate computing needs of universities and local communities. Ours was founded with a broad research vision. Senior members of this department, including Professor Emeritus Tremblay, wrote some of the first computer science textbooks, a handful of which are still used worldwide.

Our faculty continues to contribute to world-renowned research endeavours, adding to the development and evolution of technology and Computer Science. They have been recognized for a number of accomplishments and awards. Our faculty and research staff take pride in teaching, research, and community involvement.

Research Groups

The Department of Computer Science has a number of research labs on campus, each of which excels at its own specialization within the field of Computer Science. These research labs reflect the technological vision and discovery of our faculty and researchers, and continue to keep us engaged, excited, and curious.


Computer Science research groups publish a wide range of theses every year. Browse the library of theses from over the years.

Research Opportunities

Interested in getting involved with our research groups? There are ways to collaborate with our faculty and participate in their research such as postdoctoral fellowships, short and long-term projects, and graduate studies.