Computer Science

Computer Science is the theoretical study and practical application of computation, including such topics as: design and maintenance of software systems, distributed systems, human-computer interaction, computational modeling, artificial intelligence, mobile computing, programming languages, image processing, and computer graphics.  The use of information technology in almost every corner of human activity continues to create opportunities for our graduates.

All degree programs in the department of Computer Science have common first year CMPT courses. Required first year courses: CMPT 141, CMPT 145

Academic Advice

  • Some students may benefit by taking CMPT 140 before CMPT 141
  • Starting with CMPT 140 will require careful scheduling of your degree program, but it is not a bad idea for students who may not be confident about starting with CMPT 141.  By taking CMPT 140, you can gain that confidence, and obtain exactly the right set of skills.
  • Check out our Computer Science undergrad programs
  • Consult with an advisor!