Life Sciences & Computer Science

Scientists in the Life Sciences right now are generating huge amounts of data to ask questions about how cells work, how genes work, how environmental factors affect living things.  The list goes on from there: DNA sequencing, drug design, curing cancer, or breeding a crop for improved drought resistance.  All kinds of questions in the Life Sciences are being asked by collecting data, and answered by analyzing data.

You’ll want the skills to do some of this analysis yourself.  We can help you learn those skills.  A course or two in computer science will make you a more productive scientist.

For your larger more advanced ideas, you’d probably work with someone who knows more about computer science than you do, but wouldn’t it be better if you could understand what they’ve done for you?

Reasons to take a Computer Science course:
  • Computer Science is useful in all majors
  • Manipulate and analyze data
  • Improve your quantitative reasoning skills
  • Leverage knowledge of Computer Science in the modern world
  • Satisfies Science requirements in all Arts & Science programs

Academic Advice

  • If you’ve never taken a computer programming course before, consider CMPT 140 as the place to start.
  • If you are not MATH-averse, you could take CMPT 141 without any prior experience.
  • Consult with an advisor!
  • Don’t forget: BINF 210
  • Also, we have a whole degree program called Bioinformatics applying computer science to life science. Check it out!