Humanities, Social Sciences & Computer Science

Not everyone is happy about it, but Digital Humanities is a thing. Every year, more and more data, from images of artifacts to translations of ancient literature is being put on-line for access by scholars and researchers. In our lifetime, historians will want to dig through digital records to do their work, because that’s what we’re generating today. Knowing a bit about how to work with digitized data will certainly make you a more productive scholar.

Reasons to take a Computer Science course:
  • Computer Science is useful in all majors
  • Manipulate and analyze data
  • Improve your quantitative reasoning skills
  • Leverage knowledge of Computer Science in the modern world
  • Satisfies Science requirements in all Arts & Science programs

Academic Advice

  • If you’ve never taken a computer programming course before, consider CMPT 140 as the place to start.
  • If you are not MATH-averse, you could start at CMPT 141 without any prior experience.
  • Consult with an advisor!