Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science

No one knows the connection between mathematics and computer science better than mathematicians.  Most of the foundational work in computer science was done by mathematicians, because computer science didn’t exist as a discipline yet. The Department of Mathematics has developed a degree program in Applied Mathematics, which means solving real problems with math, often using computers to do the kinds of things people just don’t want to do by hand.  There’s absolutely no reason for a math major to miss out on CMPT 141 and CMPT 145.  These are courses you’ll excel in, and will be very useful for you in the future.

Reasons to take a Computer Science course:
  • Computer Science is useful in all majors
  • Manipulate and analyze data
  • Improve your quantitative reasoning skills
  • Leverage knowledge of Computer Science in the modern world
  • Satisfies Science requirements in all Arts & Science programs

Academic Advice

  • Recommended courses: CMPT 141, CMPT 145
  • Math majors should feel confident taking CMPT 141 even without CS30.
  • A minor in Computer Science should be a natural fit!