Physical Sciences & Computer Science

Research in the physical sciences generates lots of data. The Large Hadron Collider and the Canadian Light Source both collect and store huge amounts of data. Geographic Information Systems allow scientists to manipulate and visualize large sets of data. Physical scientists are frequently at the forefront of development of computational strategies in statistics, data analytics, and simulation of real physical phenomena. Taking a Computer Science course or two can provide the skills needed for modern scientists in the Physical Sciences.

Reasons to take a Computer Science course:
  • Computer Science is useful in all majors
  • Manipulate and analyze data
  • Improve your quantitative reasoning skills
  • Leverage knowledge of Computer Science in the modern world
  • Satisfies Science requirements in all Arts & Science programs

Academic Advice

  • Recommend both CMPT 141 and CMPT 145
  • Physics majors should feel confident taking CMPT 141 even without CS30.
  • Other majors may benefit by taking CMPT 140 before CMPT 141.