CS Professor Highlighted in Arts & Science Video

A new film by the College of Arts and Science highlights the college's diverse interdisciplinary research.

How do we study the universe through mathematics?

How does language work?

How can psychedelic science shape our understanding of health and wellness?

Do insects think? Or, more specifically, are they conscious?

Those are just some of the fascinating topics being explored by researchers in the College of Arts and Science at the University of Saskatchewan (USask).

A new video called Thinking highlights the diverse interdisciplinary research underway at the college—the largest on the USask campus, with more than 300 faculty in 21 departments. In the film, the work of 14 faculty members from the sciences, humanities, social sciences and fine arts is highlighted through a series of two-minute talks.

The video includes a segment from Computer Science Professor Raymond Spiteri. In the clip below, he explains how he uses numerical analysis to collaborate on a diverse collection of projects. Among other things, he highlights his work with the Saskatoon Police, the Global Institute for Water Security, and describes how he's using cardiac simulations to model real-time heart function. 

More information about the College of Arts and Science’s research can be viewed online

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