Graduate Symposiums

An annual mini-conference featuring student research projects completed for the graduate seminar courses (CMPT 880 and 890). The "Best Supervisor" and "Best Graduate Student" awards are presented during this event. Everyone is welcome to attend this event.   

MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2016


9:15 Coffee

9:45 Welcome (session chair Chris Dutchyn)

10:00 Biology (session chair Ian Stavness)

Erik Widing, Simulating Phonation by use of Modal Reduction.
Wenxian Guo, Parallelization of Operator Splitting Method in Cardiac Simulation. Marina Schmidt, Optimizing the Four Qubit Error Correction System.
11:30 Best Graduate Student award (Julita Vassileva)


13:00 Models (session chair Chanchal Roy)

Aydin Teyhouee, Prospective detection of foodborne illness outbreaks.
Tonny Kar, PrivFuzzy: A Private Fuzzy network. Najeeb Khan, Deep Neural Networks for Motor Control.

14:45 Mobile (session chair Nate Osgood)

Amin Mohammadbagheri, Mobile Real-Time Stress Detection & Management.
Linping Li, Human Environment Recognition on Using Smartphone Sensors.


9:00 Coffee

9:15 Cloud (session chair Derek Eager)

Owalabi Adekoya, Performance Evaluation for Iterative Operation on Apache Spark.
Phillip Dueck, Predicting Network Jitter.
Babatunde Olabenjo, Simulation-based Performance Evaluation of Adapted dmamac Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks.
11:00 Power (session chair Winfried Grassmann)

Amit Kumar Mondal, Towards an Analytic Tool for Green Software: Atomatic Clustering of Soft- ware Repository Energy Aware Data.
Habib Sabiu, Analytic Energy Savings in Data Center Clusters.
Lunch 13:00 Interaction (session chair Regan Mandryk)

Cheralyn Atkins, Labeling Images.
Matthew Miller, Video Chat & Self Awareness.
Rossam Bin Hossain, Does Attention increase players performance: A Study to analyse this effect with fps games.
Andrew Wagemakers, Head Tracking Calibration for Volumetric Displays.
3:15 Internet of Things (session chair Ralph Deters)

Mayra Samniego Pallaroso, Management for the Internet of Things.
Emmanuel Kaku, Tracking Request/Response using Provenance Data over CoAP in IoT.
All student presentations are 30 minutes in length, including questions.

All presenters should check-in with their session chair during the break immediately preceding their session.

Session starting times are firm; going overtime reduces break


SESSION 1 (9:00 – 10:30)

Hogan, Daniel J.: Modelling Alpha Helices with HMMs
MacKay, Kimberly A.: A Constraint Logic Programming Approach to Representing the Three – Dimensional Genome
Khan, Nazifa A.: Gene Descrambling Order Analysis in Ciliates
Ovens, Katie L.: Analysis of Biclustering Algorithms Using High – Dimensional Gene Expression Data from Skeletal Tissues
Buchwaldt, Miles R.: De Novo Transcriptomics of Allopolyploid Brassica napus
SESSION 2 (10:45 – 12:00)

Gaur, Varun: Increasing Number of Items in a FastTap Menu by Multiplexing Space
Uddin, Md Sami: Landmark Map: Increasing the Size of Command Set by Introducing Artificial Landmark
Li, Chengzhao: Improving Team Formation with Knowledge of Play Style
Osemwegie, Osagie O.: Scalable and Energy Efficient Software Architecture for Human Behavioural Measurement
SESSION 3 (1:00 – 2:00)

Hemdi, Marwah: Data Management in Enterprises Mobile Applications
Li, Xiaodan: A Coordination Model Utilizing Consistent Hashing for Cooperation among Multiple Mobile Devices
Liu, Qi: Visualization of Complex 3D Models on Mobile Devices Using Game Engines
Monir, Samiul: A Context Based Security Model for Mobile Applications
SESSION 4 (2:15 – 3:15)

Shi, Heng: Decentralized and Distributed Data Processing
Su, Gao: Mobile Digital Asset Tracking under Peer – to – Peer network
Xue, Yi: CoAP Performance Evaluation in A Sensor Wireless Network
Ishola, Oluwabukola M.: Lifelong Professional Learning

SESSION 1 (9:00 – 10:30)

Oraji, Rahim: Combining Particle Filtering with System Dynamics for TB Control
Shojaati, Narjes: Detection of Smoking Events with iEpi
McLean, John A.: Agent – based Modeling and Big Data: A Unique Opportunity to Explore Diabetes Health Inequities in Saskatchewan
Sagl, Benedikt: Dynamic Inverse Simulation of Sleep Bruxism using Movement and Force Targets
Shabani, Mohammad: Muscle Co – contraction Simulation in OpenSim
SESSION 2 (10:45 – 12:00)

Bowey, Jason T.: Manipulating Leaderboards to Induce Player Experience
Johanson, Colby G.: Player Location Awareness in First – Person Shooters
Depping, Ansgar E.: How Awareness of Balancing Assists Affects Player Experience in a Multiplayer Game
Adaji, Ifeoma T.: Predicting Customer Churn in E – commerce Using Data Mining Techniques
Oyibo, Kiemute S.: Investigation of Physical Activity Determinants for University – Tailored Persuasive Technology Intervention

APRIL 16, 2014 IN ARTS 133

9:00 Welcome (session chair Chris Dutchyn)

9:15 Games (session chair Julita Vassileva)

Sara Mansouri Ebrahimi, Gamification.
Kristen Dergousoff, Crowdsourcing Data Collection through Mobile Gamification: Leveraging the Freemium Model.
10:30 Cloud (session chair Dwight Makaroff )

Nan Chen, n-Screen Synchronization in a Personal Cloud.
Yuntao Mei, the Simulation of Peer-assisted On-demand Streaming using ns-3.
Zhihong Zhuo, Evaluating the Feasibility of GamingAnywhere, an Open Cloud-Gaming System, in Home WiFi Environments.

13:00 Interfaces (session chair Mark Keil)

John Yobb, Testing Icons to Represent Clustered Multiple Image Map Points.
Katherine Schramm, Gate-crossing Menus. 14:15
Interfaces (session chair Carl Gutwin)

Mike Sheinin, Improving Sports Games by Adding Exertion in the Small.
Zenja Ivkovic, Quantifying the Effects of Local Latency on 2d and 3d Aiming Tasks.
Rodrigo Vicencio-Moreira, the Use of Aim Assistance for Game Balancing in First-Person Shooter Games.
16:00 Mobile (session chair TBA )

Khaled Haggag, Mobile Adaptive Application Management. Nam Hoang, Exploring the Potentials of the Phone Book.

APRIL 22, 2014 IN ARTS 133

8:30 Coffee

8:55 Welcome (session chair Chris Dutchyn)

9:00 Modelling (session chair Ian Stavness)

Kurt Kreuger Computer Modelling in the Public Health Sector.
Priyasree Bhowmik, Modularizing Graphical Interpretation/User Interfaces for Visualizing Models. Nate Osgood, Chris Dutchyn
10:15 Biology (session chair Tony Kusalik)

Tm Rezwanul Islam, Multiple-Sequence Alignment with Expert-User Constraints.
Farhad Maleki, Comparison of Variance-Stabilizing Methods for Kinome Microarray Data.
Rajkiran Natarajan, Enhancing Dysphagia Diagnosis. 11:45 Best Graduate Student award (Dwight Makaroff )
Lunch 13:00

Engineering (session chair Chanchal Roy)

Sander Wang, Fine-grained Sender-Side Incentives for Email.
Mohammad Hossein Sedighi Gilani, Resource Brokering in Distributed Multi-agent Systems.
Judith Islam, Create a Large-scale Clone Benchmark using IJaDataset.
14:45 Social (session chair Nathaniel Osgood)

Chih-Yi Huang, Adopting a Truth Maintenance System on Mobile Devices.
Mohsen Mohkami, Dynamic Threshold Assignment in Trust and Reputation Mechanisms using a pid Controller.
Wesley Waldner, an Unfiltered Approach to Social-Stream Recommendation.

All student presentations are 30 minutes in length, including questions.

All presenters should check-in with their session chair during the break immediately preceding their session.

Session starting times are firm; going overtime reduces breaks.

Arts 134

8:50 Welcome (session chair Chris Dutchyn )

9:00 Selecting (session chair Chris Dutchyn )

Stephen Johnson, Analysis and Comparison of Filtering Techniques for Metagenomic Data.
Sinh A. Pham, Remote Document Synchronization using Exact Set Reconciliation based on Bloom Filters.
Sayooran Nagulendra, Providng Awareness, Understanding and Control of Personalized Stream Filtering in a P2P Social Network.
10:15 Engineering (session chair Chanchal Roy )

Shamima Yeasmin, Evaluating the Usefulness of Bug Report Summary: an Empirical Study.
Mohammad Masudur Rahman, Semantic Network Based API Usage Pattern Extraction and Learning.
Yaowen Chen, Applying Graph Database into Semantic Social Web.
11:30 Mobility (session chair Ian Staveness )

Ahmed Abdel Moamen, Mobile Cloud Computing: Issues, Challenges and Future Trends.
Wen Fu, Data Synchronization in Mobile Questionnaire System.
12:10 Best Graduate Student award (Mark Keil )


1:00 Paul Sorenson Lecture: Diego Zapata-Rivera, Ph.D. (session chair Jim Greer )

2:45 Techniques (session chair Mark Keil )

Dylan Lee Knowles, Keep it Simple, Stupid! an Evaluation of a Simple Hidden Markov Model to Predict Human Mobility.
Adam Preuss, Runge-Kutta Methods Applied to a Model of Hardened Concrete Rewetting.
Bahareh Esfahbod, Using Covers within Simple Polygons to Visualize Subclasses of Chordal Graphs.
4:00 Medley (session chair Mark Eramian )

Xin Yi, Influence of Stroke Patterns on Ultrasound Medical Image Segmentation.
Alireza Montazeri, Distributed Video Caching in Decentralized Unstructured P2P Networks.
4:45 Wrap-up (session chair Chris Dutchyn )

All student presentations are 20 minutes in length, including questions.

All presenters should check-in with their session chair during the break immediately preceding their session.

Session starting times are firm; going overtime reduces breaks.

Date: April 19, 2012 in Arts 134

8:30 Coffee

8:50 Welcome

9:00 Medley (session chair Gord McCalla)

Stephanie Frost, Path Analysis using a Simulation Model: Toward Coherence Planning using the Ecological Approach.
Shaikhah AlOtaibi, Applying Decentralized Online Networks in e-learning.
Oluwabunmi Adewoyin, Trust and Reputation Management in Online Mentorship Systems.
9:50 Networking (session chair Chris Dutchyn)

Kazi Ahmed, Service-centric Mobile Cloud Computing: on the Road to Improving Performance of Latency-Sensitive Applications.
Michael C. Bullock, an Experimental Model of the Netflix HTTP Rate-Adaptation Algorithm.
Md Nazmul Hasan, Peer-assisted On-demand Video Streaming for Multiple Versions of Files in Peer-to-peer Networks.
Shaiful Alam Chowdhury, Time-varying Popularity Characteristics of YouTube Videos Revisited.
11:00 Systems (session chair Mark Eramian)

Jagmohan Chauhan, the Impact of Task Scheduler Configuration Settings on MapReduce Applications.
Khadija Rasul, Network System-call Tracing in Distributed Applications.
Kazi Shahzabeen Rahnuma, Communication with Mobile Clouds: Implementing m-DCG in the Cloud.
Zahrah Alawami, Incremental, Interactive Typechecking for Lua.
Krzystof Voss, Comparison of PSO and other Optimization Strategies in the Context of various Problems.
12:00 Best Graduate Student award


1:00 Interaction (session chair Regan Mandryk)

Kathrin Gerlin, Exergames for Older Adults.
Faham Negini, Physiological Signals for Real-time Modeling of Emotion during Interaction with Play Technologies.
Steve Sutcliffe, Gesture Recognition for Digital Hand-off on Tabletop devices.
1:45 Clones (session chair Chanchal Roy)

Farouq Al-omari, Inter-language Clone Detection.
Jeffrey Svajlenko, a Clone Detector Benchmarking Experiment using the Mutation/Injection evaluation Framework.
Manishankar Mondal, An Effort Calculation and Prediction Model: the Software Clones Case Study.
Avigit Kumar Saha, Late Propagation in Software Clones: An Empirical Study.
3:00 Biology (session chair Mark Keil)

Arnie Berg, CpG Island Prediction.
Md Sowgat Ibne Mahmud, Analysis of Gene Assembly in Ciliates.
Amir M. Zadeh, Comparing de-novo Assemblers for Ion Torrent Metatranscriptomics Data.
Wenyi An, Software Combining System Dynamics and Decision Trees for Dynamic Decision Making.
Eddy Essien, a Parallel Implementation and Evaluation of a Second-Order Accurate Immersed Boundary Method.
4:15 Imaging (session chair Chris Dutchyn)

K. B. M. Abdullah Chisti, Texture Feature Extraction and Analysis of Human Femur Bones using Texture Feature Coding and Statistical Methods.
S. M. Rafizul Haque, Minimal Interaction-based Ultrasound Medical Image Segmentation for Diagnosis.
Jianning Chi, Texture Differences Enhancement in Ultrasound Images based on Stationary Wavelet Transforms.

All presentations are 12 minutes in length, including questions.

All presenters should check in with their session chair during the break immediately preceding their session.

Session starting times are firm, going overtime reduces breaks.

Tuesday April 12th, 2011 - Physics 165

8:30 - 10:00   SESSION 1

Muhammad Mughees: Taxonomy of Info Types
Khalid Billah: Trends in Sentiment Assessment: Finding Polarity From Implications
Mohammad Khan: Software Vulnerability: Basic Concepts, Tools & Research Survey
Md. Sharif Uddin: Search For Clone In Code (SECCO): An Approach For Fast Detection of Clone Code In A Large Software System
Ripon Saha: An Automatic Framework For Extracting & Classifying Near-Miss Clone Genealogies
Md. Saidur Rahman: Change Impact Analysis: A Comprehensive Survey
Muhammad Assaduzzaman: VisCad: A Framework For Flexible Code Clone Visualization & Analysis
Ghadeer Kintab: Recommendation Systems
Yiding Chai: Experiments In BD-Tree Refinement
10:00-10:20   COFFEE BREAK

10:20 - 11:50    SESSION 2

Tuhin Paul: Knowledge Based Efficient Routing In Wireless Sensor Networks
Amin Tavassolian: Managing Mixed-Reality Time Balance Through Adaptive Mini-Games
G. Scott Johnston: An Early Look At Localization Using Bluetooth On Mobile Devices
Aryan Zohoorian: Maintenance Of Awareness In Mobile Mixed Reality Games
Farjana Eishita: Enhanced Sensor Fusion Engine For Augmented Mixed Reality Game
Weicheng Qian: Integrating Epidemiological Modeling & Surveillance Data Feeds: A Kalman Filter-Based Approach
Diane Watson: Music, Mood, & Social Context
Brett Taylor: Guidelines For Creating Abstraction Visualizations of Emotion

12:00 - 1:00    LUNCH

1:00 - 2:20    SESSION 3

Yue Gao: GrabApple: The Design Of A Casual Exergame
Md. Aminul Islam: Media Download Optimization Using Hybrid Communication Network
Tanjil Hossain: Reducing WiFi Energy Consumption In Smartphone
A.K.M. Chowdhury: Compiling Scheme To CUDA
Fatima Alawami: An Aspect Refactoring Tool For The Observer Pattern
Gadi Tellez Espinosa: Formal Verification Of A Real Time Operating System
Gregory Logan: Towards A System For Creating, Annotating and Sharing Clipshows In Captured Lectures
Awlad Hossain: Interaction With Physical Artifacts In An Informal Learning Environment Using Attention Metadata
2:20 - 2:40    COFFEE BREAK

2:40 - 3:50    SESSION 4

Rita Orji: LunchTime: A Goal-Based Persuasive Game For Long time Dietary Behavior Change
Hashim Al-Aadhami: Using Mobile Devices To Interact With Home Systems
Min Luo: Using Context For Mobile Computing
Shomoyita Jamal: Mobile Clients In RESTful Environment
Nicoleta Brad: Data De-Duplication In NoSQL Databases
Sunny Sharma: ERB: A Middleware Architecture For Resource Oriented Systems
Daniel Merino: N-Screen Scalability For Interactivity

4:00 - 5:00    SESSION 4 CONTINUED...

Abdullah Althagafi: Scalability Of Multi-Agents in RESTful Environment
Sabrina Nusrat: Recommending Services In A Trust-Based Decentralized User Modeling System
Afshana H.Syed Hussain: Integrating IPTV To Social Networking
Udeep Tandukar: Selective Propagation of Social Data In Decentralized Online Social Networks
Iyilade Johnson: INSTANTUM: A Conceptual Framework For Decentralized User Modeling For Ubiquitous Computing
Richard Lomotey: Using RESTful Web Services To Build Reliable & Scalable Heterogeneous Web Services
Milan Bogunovic: Evaluation of Alternate Definitions of Task

Friday, April 9th, Room 271 Thorvaldson

8:30 - 10:00   SESSION 1

Craig Yellowlees: Supporting High-Speed Coordination in a Real-Time Game

Yiqing Liu: Code Generation For The Cell SPU

Jian Zhang: Speed Improvements of Peptide-Spectrum Matching Using SIMD Instructions

Mayya Sharipova: Supporting Concept-Based Learning

10:00-10:20   COFFEE BREAK

10:20 - 12:00    SESSION 2

Meng Dong: Learning Ultrasound Texture Classifiers Using Genetic Programming

Thomas Schoene: Comparing Lipschitz-Continuous Global Optimization (LGO) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) by Means of Optimizing a Catalyst

Yudi Xue: Visualization in Support of the Dynamic Modeling Process

Yuan Tian: Comparsion Between Agent-Based and Aggregated-Based Models: A Case Study of Tuberculosis Transmission

Awards Presentation

"Best Graduate Student Award"

"Award of Excellence in Supervision"

12:00 - 1:30   LUNCH BREAK

1:30 - 2:30   SESSION 3

Xiaobo Zhang: Using the Smartphone as A Platform for Consuming Media-Rich Web Services

Shi Shi Shey: Designing A 3D-Social Visualization of Contributions in Online Communities

Flavio Ishii: CRESTED: A Mobile Cloud Architecture for Next Generation Social Applications

2:30 - 2:50   COFFEE BREAK

2:50 - 4:10   SESSION 4

Anthony Arkles: Multi-Tier Performance Tracing for Web Applications

Ryan Harrison: Classification of Augmented 2-D Cellular Automata Based on Chaotic Behaviour

Hasan Mehadi: Grid Middleware Using CyberOrgs

Shahriar Kaisar: Design and Development of a Simulation Toolbox for Content Sharing Applications in Ad Hoc Networks

Wednesday, April 22nd, Room 165 Physics

9:00 - 10:30 SESSION 1

Andre Doucette: Visual Trackpad: Augmenting A Trackpad With Direct Touch

Clayton Epp: Identifying Affect Through Keystroke Dynamics

Ian Livingston: Interactive Testbed Development for Persuasive Game Research: A Case Study

Mangalagouri Masarakal: Improving Expertise-Sensitive Help Systems

Edgar Lelei: E-negotiation For Customized Products

Adrian Reetz: WorldPointing: Attaching Digital Objects to Real-World Locations

10:30-10:45 COFFEE BREAK

10:45 - 12:15 SESSION 2

Michael Lippold: Using the Standard Computer Mouse to Detect User States

Manju Chava: Designing the User Configurable Online Community Framework

Kadhambai Sankaranarayanan: Visualizing Reciprocal and Non Reciprocal Relationships In An Online Community

Radhika Ramasahayam: Porting Legacy Applications to Google App Engine

Quian Wang: Integrating Mobile and Cloud Computing

Yuan Wang: A User-Centric Data Interoperation Framework in Decentralized User Modeling

12:15 - 1:00 LUNCH BREAK

1:00 - 2:30 SESSION 3

Waqas Ahmed: Automated Detection of Distance Scale in Ovarian Ultrasound Images

Xiaonuo Gantan: An Algorithmic Comparison Between xAC and AC2001

Albina Rahim: Study and Compare the CD-HIT Clustering Algorithm With Other Clustering Algorithms to Find Duplicates and Fragments in Large Protein Sequence Database

Craig Thompson: Machine Learning Techniques for Meta-Reasoning in Constraint Optimization

Mahsa Naseri: Evaluating Workflow Trust Using Hidden Markov Model and Provenance Data

Presentation of Best Graduate Student Award

2:30 - 2:45 COFFEE BREAK

2:45 - 4:15 SESSION 4

Adam McKenzie: Serious Games for Professional Ethics: An Architecture to Support Adaptivity

Jason Boisvert: Using a Conditioning Constant to Estimate Global Error For Boundary Value Ordinary Differential Equations

Mohammad Hashemian: A Multi-Purpose Data Gathering System for Routing Analysis in Sparse Mobile Sensor Networks

Andrew Kroshko: A Problem Solving Environment for Developing Algorithms for Ordinary Differential Equations

Wojciech Quibell: Distributed End User Security System in Rural Wireless Mesh Networks

Terry Peckham: Contrasting Association Rules to Aid Pedagogy in a LCMS

Wednesday, April 23rd, Room 144 Kirk Hall

9:15 - 10:30 SESSION 1

Tejumoluwa Abegunde: Evaluation of Software for Sequence Assembly in the Context of Genomes Containing Varied Sets of Plasmids

Wayne Clarke: Statistical Analysis of PCR Primers

Brett Trost: Evaluating the Efficacy of Probability-based Machine Learning Methods on Three Health-related Classi - 1:00 Lunch Break

1:00 - 2:30 SESSION 3

Anil Keela: Resource Control Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks

Qian Zhang: Discovering Hidden Health Patterns of Canadian Community Health Survey

Venkat Pulimi: Aggregating Contour Data in Sensor Networks

Yosuke Yamamoto: Dynamically Maintained Earliest Arrival Paths

Carrie Demmans: Audio Open Learner Models for Pronunciation Tutoring

Zina Sahib: Investigating Users' Motivation in a new Online Community for Women in Science & Engineering

Presentation of Best Graduate Student award

2:45 - 4:15 SESSION 4

Sazedul Alam: Using Distributed Model- Driven Event Processing to Improve the Monitoring of Web Services Behaviors

Yuting Luo: From Contract to Cooperation: Improve the Experience of Service Clients by Adapting to Changes

Azin Moallem: Artificial Life Techniques for Distributed Grid Job Scheduling

Yue Zhang: An Approach for Fine-Grained Negotiating Ownership of Attention Space

Jeeva Paudel: Modularizing Compiler Passes

Andriy Hnativ: Principal Typings for Interactive Python Programming