Computer Systems, Networks, and Performance (DISCUS Lab)

The DISCUS lab studies the performance and behaviour of distributed computing systems. A task like watching an online video, which seems simple to a user, in actuality can involve many different computers communicating with each other over a wide network, and becomes more complicated yet when thousands or perhaps millions of users are involved. The DISCUS groups aims to develop performance and optimization techniques that allow as many people as possible to harness the power of large computer networks.

Notable Research Accomplishments

Conference papers by the DISCUS group have been well-received in recent years. Both faculty members and graduate student have received "best paper" awards and other notable nominations.

Current Research Projects

  • Real-time Communication Performance for Mobile Devices
  • Information Centric Networking
  • Multi-tiered Web Application Visualization and Evaluation
  • Resource Allocation in Cloud Gaming
  • Internet Content Distribution


  • Dr. Dwight Makaroff
  • Dr. Derek Eager
  • Dr. Kevin Stanley