Multi-User Adaptive Distributed Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Lab (MADMUC Lab)

The computing environments of the future will be spread everywhere: not only in desk-top computers and lap-tops, but also on palm-tops, cell phones, watches, and even embedded in home appliances. To be successful in this highly distributed environment, computer software will need to autonomously adapt both to its physical hardware constraints and to the needs of its users. The mission of the MADMUC lab is to research how to design software that best supports the nomadic user of the future. 

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Notable Research Accomplishments

In recent years, researchers from the MADMUC lab have won best paper awards as well as best paper nominations. Their publications continue to be highly cited from across the globe. MADMUC researchers have also received distinguised awards, such as the "Research Excellence in Science Award" and "Excellence in Advising Award". Since the year 2000, the lab has graduated 65 graduate students, including a Vanier Scholar, who hold positions in a wide range of companies and universities across Canada and internationally.

Current Research Projects

  • Trust and Reputation mechanisms as middleware for electronic marketplaces
  • Predicting user churn in electronic marketplaces
  • Personalized recommendations in online social networks
  • Increasing user trust, awareness and control of recommender systems through interactive visualizations
  • Adaptive/Personalized persusasive technologies for behaviour change
  • Increasing user motivation for participation in online communities
  • Supporting online mentorship and learning through peer-review and wiki collaboration


  • Dr. Julita Vassileva
  • Dr. Ralph Deters