Simulation Research Lab

The aim of the Simulation Research Lab is to create computer-based simulations of complex real-world phenomena, for example, the propagation of electrical activity in a beating human heart. Simulations of this sort allow scientists and engineers from many different fields to validate theories or perform virtual experiments that may be too costly or dangerous in the real world. Producing such simulations involves solving extremely large sets of challenging differential equations as quickly as possible. The Simulation Research Lab specializes in the design and optimization numerical methods to allow computers to solve these equations accurately and efficiently.

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Notable Research Accomplishments

The Simulation Research Lab is collaborating with IBM to achieve the world's first real-time computer-based heart simulation. Graduates from the lab have enjoyed NSERC post-graduate scholarships, and have gone on to work at companies like SoilVision, which produces software that allows geotechnical engineers to analyze the stability of real-world terrain and topography.

Current Research Projects

  • Simulation of Electrical Activity in Myocardial Tissues
  • Fuel Cell Design
  • Problem-solving Software Environments
  • Simulation of Fluidized-bed Gassifiers


  • Dr. Raymond Spiteri