The Bioinformatics Lab

Due to both the underlying combinatorial nature of biological processes and the vast increase in data-generation capacity of modern biological lab techniques, the fields of biology and computer science are rapidly becoming inextricably linked. The Bioinformatics lab aims to bridge the gap in expertise between these two disciplines and develop computational techniques for solving biological problems, particularly as they apply to health-related fields.

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Notable Research Accomplishments

The Bioinformatics lab has a steady stream of publications in leading journals such as Bioinformatics, BMC Bioinformatics and PLoS ONE. In addition, they have close partnerships with health researchers at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO), College of Medicine, and Western College of Veterinary Medicine in order to directly apply their research in the field of disease and health.

Current Research Projects

  • Identifying small genomic sequences unique to Neisseria gonorhoeae for diagnostic tests
  • Developing techniques to analyze data from kinome micro-arrays
  • Improving the speed of pair-wise sequence alignment using programmable GPUs
  • Emulating data from next-generation DNA sequencing machines
  • Techniques for analyzing data from methylation microarrays in the context of drug-resistant cancer
  • Improved sequence alignment algorithms using constraints
  • Developing algorithms for analyzing transposable elements


  • Dr. Tony Kusalik
  • Dr. Ian McQuillan
  • Dr. Matthew Links