BSc Honours Software Engineering Option Advising Template

Note: This information is intended for advising and guidance only.  It does not describe the program completely, and should not be relied upon to make important decisions about courses and programs.

First Year

Term 1 Term 2
CMPT 141* CMPT 145
MATH 110 MATH 164
Natural Science Natural Science
Humanities Writing Humanities Writing
Social Science Social Science

Math Requirements Note: MATH 110 and MATH 164 are recommended. The BSc Four-year degree requires 9cu of MATH or STAT in addition to MATH 110 and MATH 164.  MATH 176 can be used in place of MATH 110 for students taking a MATH major.  Students who have credit for MATH 264 prior to 2019-20 may use MATH 264 in place of MATH 164.

* CMPT 141 prerequisites are Computer Science 30, or CMPT 140, or MATH 110. Students who do not have the prerequisites can complete take CMPT 140 in Term 1, CMPT 141 in Term 2. CMPT 145 will be offered in summer session for students who want to start taking 200-level CMPT courses in their second year.

Second Year

Term 1 Term 2
CMPT 214 CMPT 215
CMPT 260 CMPT 280
MATH/STAT Elective
PHIL 232 Elective

Math Requirements:

  • Recommended: STAT 245.3.
  • Additionally 6cu more MATH or STAT must be taken for the degree, in 2nd year or later.

Third and Fourth Year

Courses as needed to complete the degree.

  • CMPT 405 is normally taken in 4th year, and students must contact the department office for an application form to take this course.
  • Never take 12cu of CMPT courses (or more) in a single term at 300- and 400-level. The workload in CMPT courses is too high.
  • Most 300-level courses are offered yearly.
  • Some 400-level courses are not offered every year.  Check prerequisites to plan 3rd and 4th year.
  • Consider the internship program between years 3 and 4.  If the internship program is taken, CMPT 405 becomes optional, and can be replaced by 3cu CMPT at 300- or 400-level.