ISD Four-Year Advising Template

The following is a template schedule with recommendations about when to take courses.

Note: This schedule is provided as a guideline, and can be used for advising purposes. It is not required to follow this schedule exactly.

First Year

Term 1 Term 2
CMPT 140* CMPT 141
ARTH 120.3 (History of Art 1) ARTH 121.3 (History Art 2)
ART1**.6 (Studio Art, any of 11, 12, 13, 41, 61) Continuation of ART 1**.6
PSY 110.6 Continuation of PSY 110.6
Humanities Writing Humanities Writing

* Students who have Computer Science 30 should not take CMPT 140, but chould complete the first year by taking CMPT 141 in Term 1, CMPT 145 in Term 2 (first year recommended). Any free elective can replace CMPT 140 in the ISD program.

Second Year

Term 1 Term 2
CMPT 281.3 (Web Design) CMPT 145
PSY Requirements (PSY XXX.3) PSY Requirement (PSY XXX.3)
Math/Stats Requirement (e.g., STAT 103.3) Maths/Stats Requirement (e.g., STAT 245.3)
ARTH 250.3 (Intro to Visual Culture) Non-CMPT Science Requirement (XXX.3)
Elective PSY Requirement (PSY XXX.3)

Third Year

Term 1 Term 2
CMPT 270.3 (Object-Oriented Systems) CMPT 381.3 (Development of User Interfaces)
CMPT Requirement (CMPT XXX.3) CMPT Requirement (CMPT XXX.3)
Non-CMPT Science Requirement (XXX.3) Non-CMPT Science Requirement (XXX.3)
ART 263.3 (Extended Media IIA) ART 237.3 (Extended Media IIB)
Elective Elective

Fourth Year

Term 1 Term 2
CMPT 481.3 (HCI) CMPT Requirement (CMPT XXX.3)
CMPT 306.3 (Game Mechanics) CMPT 406.3 (Game Design Workshop)
ART 338.3 (Extended Media IIIA) Arts Requirement (SS/H/FA) (XXX.3)
CMPT Requirement (CMPT XXX.3) Elective
Elective Elective