Interactive Systems Design

The goal of this B.A.&Sc. degree program is to train students in all aspects of the design and development of interactive systems. Interactive systems are now a ubiquitous part of people’s lives – from web applications to games to embedded devices – and the design and usability of these systems are having an increasingly large effect on the quality of people’s relationship to technology.

The B.A.&Sc. degree program combines courses in Art and Art History, Psychology, and Computer Science, and these courses provide knowledge and skills in several critical areas: principles of visual communication; critical approaches to visual systems; fundamentals of human perception, memory, and cognition; and the principles of computation and programming needed to design, build, and evaluate games and interactive systems.

Students who complete the B.A.&Sc. fulfill the demand for skilled and well-rounded technologists in several industry sectors. The combined training in art, psychology,and computer science prepares students well for jobs in web design, interface development, game design, usability testing, and front-end requirements analysis.