Congratulations, you have made a valuable investment towards your career. Here are a few facts to prepare you for graduation.

A graduation check is performed by the College of Arts and Science to confirm that all your degree program requirements are satisfied. Undergraduate students are required to submit their graduation check one semester before they intend to graduate. The form can be found online.

For students who are also pursuing an Honours degree, they must submit an additional application form to the College of Arts and Science to ensure that they meet the minimum 70% overall average and in their major. The form can be found online.
All students must apply to graduate. This can be done online through your PAWS account. Grad students must also submit all required documentation indicating program completion to the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (CGSR). For detailed instructions and deadlines, please visit the CGPS website.

Once a student has successfully defended her or his thesis or dissertation, there are several forms that the student's supervisor, committee members, and graduate chair must complete, sign, and submit to the Programs Advisor in CGPS, C180 Administration Building.

All Master’s Thesis and Ph.D. students are required to submit the final revised and approved version of their thesis or dissertation to the Electronic Thesis and Dissertations (ETD) website: Instructions on how to submit an ETD can be found online.

Graduation Photos

Once a year, the Department of Computer Science hires a photographer to take graduation photos for both undergraduate and graduate Computer Science students. These photos will appear on the composite board for the graduating year. The Department of Computer Science typically subsidizes the sitting cost for the photographer. Students have the option to purchase photo packages directly from the photographer. Full details about these photos will be sent out every February through emails and news stories.

Computer Science Graduation Celebration

The Department of Computer Science and the CSSS organize an annual event to celebrate graduating students, scholarship recipients, and award winners. This event has historically taken the form of a spring banquet, but the format is subject to change. Details of the event will be sent out via email and news stories. 

Graduating students typically receive a discounted ticket to the event. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, family and special guests are all invited to attend. Photos of some previous events can be found on our Flickr account.

Convocation Ceremony

The University of Saskatchewan holds a convocation ceremony in the fall and spring. Students planning to attend convocation are responsible for ordering tickets and renting a graduation gown. For detailed instructions on convocation, please visit the University of Saskatchewan convocation website.