How to Reach Us

If you're looking for help but not sure who to ask, the resources below should help.

We're here to help with....

IT Issues

For any technical problems/questions in our department, our technical support staff is here to help. They use Jira to accept and manage requests from students, staff and faculty. A request could be regarding software, hardware, new web service or enhancement, lab issues, or any related topics. You can submit a new Jira Ticket online.

They also have an extensive FAQ section that you should review before submitting a ticket. Your question might already be answered!

If you have an IT issue outside of our department, please visit the University's ICT website for help.


Our department has a number of advisors that can help you with mapping your undergraduate degree. You can ask questions or schedule an appointment by contacting

You can find degree-specific advising sheets on our program pages. These sheets can help you plan and monitor your degree.

The College of Arts and Science also provides academic advising for questions concerning general degree requirements. Find out more about what the College has to offer by visiting their website.

Undergraduate Program

Our Office Coordinator should be your first contact for general questions about your program, pre-requisites, and time-conflicts. 

If you have issues with individual courses, the first line of questions should be to your instructor. If there are issues that cannot be resolved with your instructor, the undergraduate chair will be a resource person for you to contact. Chris Dutchyn is your undergraduate chair for the 2023-2024 year.

Many of your graduation and regular program questions should be addressed to the Undergraduate Students Office in your college. Check the website of your college for contact information.

Graduate program

The Graduate Program Assistant, Maurine Powell, should be your first point of contact with regards to the graduate program in our department. 

If there are issues that can't be resolved by the Graduate Program Assistant, you may be directed to the Graduate Chair. Ian McQuillan is your Graduate Chair for the 2023-2024 year. The Graduate Chair oversees everything to do with the graduate program, including admissions, funding and scholarships, supervisor/student relationships, and teaching assistantships. 

Internship Program

Our Computer Science Professional Internship Program is a formally recognized program at the University of Saskatchewan. Admissions to the program take place every September for students beginning the third year of their degree. If you have questions about eligibility or program requirements, contact our Internship Coordinator, Ellen Redlick


If you're looking for help with something we haven't mentioned yet, you can contact our main office. Our Office Coordinator will be happy to direct your question to the appropriate people.


Note that this process has recently changed.

You can now request a class override through JIRA. This online form can be used to request to override certain class restrictions including: 

  • Special approval (departmental approval, instructor’s signature, etc.)
  • Class limit override
  • Class restriction override (e.g. the class is only open to a particular college, major, program, or level)
  • Time conflict override
  • Lecture/lab exemption


You can use the request a class override JIRA form to request to register in a class after the deadline for registration changes has passed for that term (late registration).

Registration and withdrawal deadlines can be found here.

Student Central provides undergraduate and graduate students with centralized assistance with finances, registration and academic life. Student Central can be reached by email at, or by telephone at (306) 966-1212 during regular office hours.